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Those Attractive Magnets - Version 1

Advert/Ticket for the first Those Attractive Magnets gig - May 23rd 1980.
Those Attractive Magnets
The Gallery

Musical Genre/Type: New Romantic
Formed: January 1980 Split: May 1980

Band Members:
Rikk Quay - Keyboards
[Also in: StarTrax Disco, Rikky Patrick Disco, The DHSS v1, The Cradle, Pakistani Brothers, XPD, The DHSS v.4, Rhythm Damage]
Andy Baldwin (also known as Grimsby Fish) - Lead Vocals
[Also in: Flash Harry]
Gray to Blue - Vocals
[Also in: Reliants v2]

First Gig:

Those Attractive Magnets
The DHSS v2
The Stable, Tavern in the Town

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Tamworth Herald – 23/05/80
Musicbox – Magnets have the power to draw
TAMWORTH’s latest rock band – Those Attractive Magnets – are hoping to draw in the crowds tonight (Friday).

The three piece outfit make their debut appearance at the Stable in Corporation Street alongside that other up and coming band D.H.S.S.

Their music travels way past the space-age Gary Numan style and into the electronic realms of synthesised rock.

The three members Rikk Quay, Gray to Blue and Grimsby Fish have all been members of other Tamworth groups.

Rikk, a former disk jockey was once a vital part of the DHSS line-up, but left after a difference of opinion over the musical direction the band was taking.

Gray to Blue is a former vocalist with punk band the Reliants and Grimsby Fish once played with Flash Harry.

They formed about six months ago and have concentrated on intensive rehearsing before playing publicly.

The group are influenced by Ultravox, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols. “They were all original and that’s what we want to be,” says Gray to Blue.

On stage the group use a whole range of electronic instruments including various synthesisers and a syndrome (sic.) as well as a lead guitar.

They plan to go into the Steve Adam’s studio in Tamworth shortly to record their first single.

The double concert featuring the fresh new sound of Those Attractive Magnets and the raw approach of DHSS will include a special disco run by the Buttercup Roadshow.

Tonight’s gig starts at 7.30 p.m. and the admission is 40p. Be there!

Click here to go to the top of the page.Tamworth Herald – 30/05/80
Musicbox – Down in The Stable something stirs – at last
Those Attractive Magnets/D.H.S.S. : The Stable
For a long time rock events in Tamworth have been the victims of poor turn-outs but this gig made nonsense of that.

An incredible crowd of 100 plus – more than anyone could have hoped for – packed the Stable venue on Corporation Street and gave the Tamworth rock scene a much needed boost.

The gig promised everything with ‘Those Attractive Magnets’ making their debut and the up-and-coming D.H.S.S. providing the support.

Unfortunately the headliners were beset with first night problems. Things were just not going right for the three-piece outfit but they battled on against all the odds.

Finally technical difficulties forced them to cut their set short and what looked to be a golden chance to win new fans disappeared.

Nevertheless, the band showed they have enough mettle and enthusiasm to put this minor setback behind them and start afresh later.

Too often rock gigs fall short in the sound department – the sound on Friday night was surprisingly good. Rikk Quay and Andy Baldwin’s synthesised music came through good and strong before they were hit by the problems.

Afterwards Rikk admitted he was disappointed with the gig, “We want to apologise to all the people who turned up to see us. In the end it was impossible to carry on,” he said.

Rikk added that the band were now looking for a new member after the departure of lead vocalist Gray to Blue.

First on were the four-piece D.H.S.S. who simply got better and better as their show progressed.

They gave a performance full of energy and simplicity that it became fascinating watching.

Their image and movements have natural rhythm and co-ordination and the whole band seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There was the powerful guitar playing of Vince Watts and the thumping bass lines of Barry Douce. Over this singer Edward ian Armchair gave vent to a voice of interesting quality.

But the night really belonged to their diminutive drummer John Higgins who kept a steady beat throughout and is a constant bundle of energy behind the front-men.

Robert Sly

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