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10 - Reeman's House
Lee RevelleAt some point around this time we conned John Reeman into letting us practice at his house. Ash’s mom still knew him as he used to work with her, and a deal was struck for us to go there a couple of times a week. It wasn’t ideal, but it was far better than anything we’d had before. He’d painted the whole of the “rehearsal space” black, with the odd poster to brighten it up. We were crammed in, this being a medium size bedroom, but, for the first time, we had use of a proper drum machine that didn’t sound like “Da Da Da” by Trio. The really great thing was that Reeman’s house was on the “right” side of Glascote Heath, and it was detached. So we could make as much row as we wanted without upsetting the neighbours. And so we did.

Rob had started rehearsing with us by now. Largely thanks to Reeman he’d managed to get something resembling a half-decent guitar. Partly through kindness, but mostly due to Reeman being a self-confessed guitar nerd, he drove us over to a fantastic shop he knew in Leicester, then assisted Rob in finding the best guitar he could with the available funds. Mark, by now, was studying Graphic Design in Colchester. So we made do with the drum machine, and hoped that a like-minded drummer would miraculously appear.

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