Tamworth Bands - History 1960-1990
Lee RevelleWorking Class Love Songs from the Moseley Border

A work in progress by Lee Scott Revelle


1 Introduction...White Warrior
2 Anarchy in Glascote Heath
3 The Broken Stand
4 Guitar Envy
5 Frigid Mable Meets The Cookie Monsters - Featuring Captain Ash
6 Shine's First Demo
7 A Brief History of The Rathole
8 We're Going on First!
9 Marmion with 13th, not the Arts Centre
10 Reeman's House
11 Your Lyrics are Fucking Brilliant
12 New F*cking Order
13 The Name of the Band is...What were we thinking?
14 Blagging

To be continued...

Still Famous...
Take a look at the Steve Lamacq Radio 6 track listing for November 14th 2006.

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Photograph: Nichola Musgrove

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