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Musical Genre/Type: Rock
Formed: 1982 Split: 1984

Band Members:
Dylan Haddon - Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards (Atherstone)
[Also in: Spirit Lake]
Chris Price - Lead Guitar (Polesworth)
Jeff Haddon - Rhythm Guitar (Atherstone)
Dick Banks - Bass Guitar (Polesworth)
Steve Walbank – Drums (Atherstone)

Other Band Members/Instruments:
Tony Bradford - Drums

Band Variations:

Variation No. 1:
Dylan Haddon - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Price - Guitar
Dick Banks - Bass Guitar
Steve Wallbank - Drums

Variation No. 2:
Dylan Haddon - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Price - Guitar
Dick Banks - Bass Guitar
Tony Bradford - Drums

Exodus (Dylan Haddon)
Israel (Dylan Haddon)

First Gig: Atherstone British Legion
Last Gig: Polesworth School

Polesworth Working Mens Club

Exodus and Omen
Polesworth Working Mens Club

Spirit of Water
Corrupt Youth
Cosmic Emotion
Polesworth School

Title: I'm Alright Now
Format: Demo Tape

Title: Clare
Format: Demo Tape

Other Recordings:
I used to have a live band rehearsal tape, with our complete set, but where that is now, who knows.

Tamworth Herald Features

Tamworth Herald – 02/04/82
Musicbox – Exodus are a big hit at Polesworth
THE Polesworth School Users Council are a farsighted group of people who organise events to ensure that the school buildings are put to the best possible use of normal hours.

Recently they organised their first rock concert in the school hall, and they were rewarded with an audience in the region of 150 which, by local standards, is massive.

Exodus – the band formed by Dylan Haddon and Chris Price – headlined with Electro Tanz Musik providing the support.

Musicbox reader Nicola Kelly, sent us this review:

“The last time I saw Exodus I was far from impressed, but the synthesiser which they have now added has given the band a totally new sound.

“A new song called ‘Exodus’ went down well with the crowd – astonishing me and the Users Council. Exodus are trying to concentrate more on their lyrics, but they included some of the songs from their old Trojan repertoire.

“The group were more than adequately supported by Electro Tanz Musik, whose experimental new wave sound held the attention of the audience.

“A great night was had by all and requests for future concerts at the school will not go unheeded.”

Tamworth Herald – 08/04/82
Musicbox – Easter rock
EXODUS will be playing a recently written Christmas Rock piece called: “The Resurrection” at a one-off Eater Sunday gig at St. Mary’s Church in Atherstone.

Tamworth Herald – 30/04/82
Musicbox – Two from one is much better
PEGASUS, EXODUS : Polesworth Top Club

REGULAR trips out to Warton WMC on summer evenings last year often proved to be an enjoyable, if rather unrewarding, experience.

Trojan, the band that more often than not played at the club, always had bags of enthusiasm with enough skill to become a really exciting live band.

Now, nearly 12 months later, things have altered rapidly in that part of the world. Two members of Trojan have formed Pegasus and the other two are the founder members of Exodus.

And the split which means that these two new bands could be formed, is the best possible thing that could have happened as far as I am concerned.

Pegasus proved that after a few numbers. With vocalist Steve Haddon making up for his vocal deficiencies by aggressive presentation, the band stormed their way through numbers which soon shifted a contingent of teddy boys who’d come expecting a rock ‘n’ roll evening.

Guitarist Chris Kelt – dressed in super smooth white jacket – was the star, playing some excellent lead guitar while jerking his head around in the great Angus Young tradition.

Pegasus – fresh from their brief Atherstone church spot on TV – started out playing some of their own material which was in a sort of jerky eighties’ pop mould.

It was a bold move to try girl vocalist Jackie Day, but it only really worked when she was singing with Dylan Haddon rather than solo.

“Do We Hear Noises” – a song inspired by a Musicbox headline – was one of the better compositions, but, when they followed it with “Shaking All Over” I began to wonder exactly what sort of audience they were looking for.

Exodus could become an excellent local band if they sort out their stage presentation and decide exactly what sort of material they want to perform.

But there can be no doubt that everyone concerned is better off now than they were last summer, and Pegasus and exodus showed a marked improvement from Trojan.

Tamworth Herald – 16/07/82
Musicbox – Dates
On Monday, Omen make their first appearance at the town’s new heavy rock venue, Polesworth Top Club, on a double bill with Exodus.

The next Friday night the band appear at Donisthorpe Miners’ Welfare Club over at Measham along with Tusk. Finally on Monday, August 2, they return to Polesworth Top Club for another gig there.

Tamworth Herald – 02/09/82
Musicbox – A fine Exodus into recording

Caption: Dylan Haddon, Chris Price and Richard Banks

Caption: Dylan Haddon, Chris Price and Richard Banks

EXODUS – the local band formed by ex-Trojan members Dylan Haddon and Chris Price – have made their first venture into the recording studios.

And the result of their recent session at Steve Adams’ studio in Birchmoor is an impressive two-track tape.

Their drummer and second guitarist recently quit the band leaving them with just the nucleus of Dylan, Chris and bassist Richard Banks.

At the moment the band are hunting for a drummer in an attempt to complete their line-up and start live work again as soon as possible.

For the recording sessions the band drafted in a temporary replacement.


Said Dylan: “We wanted to do some of the heavier stuff we had written, but the drummer couldn’t handle that material so we had to record two ‘powerpop’ tracks.”

On the evidence of those two numbers, ‘I’m All Right Now’ and ‘Clair’, I don’t think Dylan need have worried too much, for while both songs are very lightweight they both come over as highly enjoyable pop music.

‘Clair’ is particularly impressive with Dylan himself contributing some excellent vocal work.

Whichever direction Exodus decide to take their music they must find a drummer. Anyone who can fill the vacant seat should ring Chris…

Tamworth Herald – 29/10/82
Musicbox – Farewell – and hello

A MAJOR four-band gig, including a farewell performance by the popular Exodus, is to take place at Polesworth School on November 12.

Other bands on the bill are Spirit of Water, Cosmic Emotion and Corrupt Youth.

Brothers Geoff and Dylan Haddon, of Exodus will be making two appearances at the gig, for they have each joined different bands.

Geoff has teamed up with his other brother Steve in Spirit of Water, while Dylan has formed Cosmic Emotion.

Spirit of Water also includes Terry Smith and Paul Lewis.

Cosmic Emotion, apart from Dylan, consists of Brad Riley, Tony Bradford and Tracey Wykes, while Corrupt Youth’s line-up is Cooky, Aky, Clogger and Shazz.

Steve Wallbank, Chris Price and Richard Banks will be joining Geoff and Dylan for Exodus’ final performance.

Looks like a great gig in store. Make sure you get there.

Highlight of the band was appearing on Central News, having written a rock opera about Easter and performing it at St. Mary's Church, Atherstone. Having taken ages to do the shoot, they only used about 10 seconds as the programme finished. I still have a copy on video, somewhere.

Thanks to: Dylan Haddon

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