Tamworth Bands - History 1960-1990

Vindaloo Breakfast

Vindaloo Breakfast - 1990
Vindaloo Breakfast - 1990
Photograph courtesy: Rob Maddison
Line-up (Left to right): Daz Mullett, Chris Groucott, Rob Maddison, Boney.
(The Gallery)
Musical Genre/Type: Punk/New Wave
Formed: 1989 Split: 1992
Band Members:
Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar:
Chris Groucott (Dosthill)
Lead Guitar:
Rob Maddison (Leyfields)
Interview with Ron Watts - legendary promoter of the 100 Club, Oxford Street, London.
Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals:
Boney (Town Centre)
[Also in Big Muff]
Drums/Backing Vocals:
Daz Mullett (Leyfields)

Tamworth Indoor Rock Festival
Fat Moggy
Naked Touch
Never Say Die
The Magnets
King Woderick and the Yogots
Vindaloo Breakfast
Banned in Yellow
Rhythm Damage

Night Moves

Vindaloo Breakfast
Rhythm Damage

The Rathole

Spiral Eye
The Yogots
Bash Out The Odd
Vindaloo Breakfast
Sherbert Trees
Shakespeare Monkeys

The Rathole

Vindaloo Breakfast
Sindy’s Sonic Garden

The Chequers, Hopwas

Bash Out The Odd

Vindaloo Breakfast

The Rathole

Vindaloo Breakfast
Bash Out The Odd
Peter Tuesday
Crystal Injection
Big Trip
The Lost Forest

The Rathole

Rhythm Damage
Catch 23
Emma Gibbs Loves Badges
Vindaloo Breakfast
Big Noise
Guilty Party
Sindy’s Sonic Garden

The Rathole

Tamworth Herald Features

Spiral Eye/Vindaloo Breakfast/Atom Seed/Banned In Yellow/Motorcycle Boy
Lincolns/Arts Centre

All five bands were brilliant, marvellous, excellent, triumphant and fab. Both venues were superb, packed and full of joy. How do I know? Well, I don't. You see like most of you I was suffering a terrible dilemma about which venue to go to and which gig to see and then something tremendous intervened to make up my mind- ILLNESS! yes, while you were bopping in either aisle I was sitting in bed watching Mike Tyson suffering from something that could have been caused by a 'vindaloo breakfast'. I am now hoping that some kind souls out there will tell me how both gigs went but this is further proof (if it was needed) that having two good gigs on the same night to choose from makes you ILL!!!!!

Vindaloo Breakfast – Tamworth Arts Centre
It was like Jimi Hendrix on Mogadons.
‘Review’ by Jack Napier.

'Non-review' by Sam Holliday

DHSS/First Conspiracy/Vindaloo Breakfast – Tamworth Arts Centre (Sunday)
Despite the bug-name attractions elsewhere, methinks that this bash at the Arts Centre may well be the one that really pulls those punters in. The First Conspiracy don’t play gigs too often these days so every one is a treat and as their last one was a real BLASTER I for one an looking forward to hearing those surging melodies yet again.

Also on offer will be the Vindaloo Breakfast boys, a group as intriguing as their name. The four Hamleteers (or is it five) serve up a heady brew which led to Jack Napier’s ‘Jimi Hendrix on mogodons’ comparison. Topping them all off will be the all new DHSS making their live debut with their fresh line-up. Only Ed Armchair remains of the 1989 variety of the band and he has now been joined by a former DHSS drummer Martin Watts, ex-Parade bassist Andy Stokes, former Green Swings man Adam Cukrowski and vocalist Jessica Pitcher who has never performed live before. The music remains the same power-driven pop of yer-old DHSS but it is now played with traditional instruments rather than computers and the end result has delighted all the band members.

“Everyone is very excited about it all,” explained Ed. “I was very lucky to get such like-minded musicians and they are all convinced that it is the best thing they have been involved in. I agree totally and feel that we have the capabilities to be the best band to come out of Tamworth for many years.”

The new band will combine several former DHSS favourites alongside newies like ‘Better Times’, Slavedriver’ and ‘The Scandal of Billy Randall’ and the entire mixture is one which Ed feels will prove very popular.

To find out if he is right – and also to enjoy the multi-pleasures of The First Conspiracy and Vindaloo Breakfast, get along to the Arts Centre on Sunday.

Benny Profane plus Support – Night Moves (Thursday)
Thursday night promises to be a real treat for Indie fans as one of the Midlands best bands hits Night Moves. Benny Profane, who recently played to 800 people at Burberries in Birmingham are exactly the sort of high profile, big name act that Night Moves is determined to attract and they are certain to prove a winner with the Thursday night Indie movers. As the indie scene is a bit of a barren area to me I can’t say much more but I can confirm that this lot come highly recommended.

Tamworth Herald – 06/04/90
Musicbox – Sunday View
DHSS/First Conspiracy/Vindaloo Breakfast – Tamworth Arts Centre
Vindaloo Breakfast
Breakfast is the first meal of the day and one which is supposed to set you up nicely for the rest of the waking hours. As such it is important that the first course of it is refreshing and palatable and unfortunately this wasn’t the case on Sunday. Vindaloo opened with a track that seemed to be going nowhere and it took a while for them to recover from it. But by the time we were into the main course – the bacon and eggs of the set – things had started to perk up and the final course was very tasty indeed. At best Vindaloo Breakfast are a post-punk modernist industrial outfit who have touches of Gang Of Four and the Psychedelic Furs and have a stark and grey look which reflects their sound. It is a wee bit bleak and it is certainly not music to take to bed with you if you’re pondering suicide, but a final and powerful last track perked things up considerably and left the band with a very encouraging reaction for what was only their second gig. They are not ready yet to storm the world but I think it is worth sticking around for the Vindaloo Lunch to see how things develop. A curiosity.

The First Conspiracy
This wasn’t actually vintage Conspiracy – bit it was still probably the highlight of the night. Coming on to a roar that implies that the band have a touchingly loyal following, the group sizzled and jerked their way through a surprisingly short set which again showed that they are a tighter, stronger and strangely happier band than I think they have ever been. They appeared to have reconstructed many of their earlier numbers and supplemented them with a couple of relative newies and a cracking Smithereens cover to make for a wholly satisfying collection. Suntanned Lisa bellowed it out like a ‘good un’. Beth and John combined for a powerhouse backing and Roger again tickled my fancy with some lovely guitar touches that again reminded me of early Stuart Adamson. Bands don’t last this long unless they’ve got something about them and the First Conspiracy really have. Nice one.

I am probably the worst person in the world to preview the new DHSS. I was so close to all four members of DHSS '89 (professionally and personally) that I knew that no matter what I said about DHSS '90 it would upset friends as well as musicians. Well I am sorry but it has to be done. Put as simply and as kindly as I can, this was NOT DHSS. The image I have of that band was of a powerful punk-inspired collection of strong personalities with a wicked and irreverent outlook on life. The computers of old fitted in with their ‘the present is crap, we are the future’ philosophy and their image, their style and of course their tunes made them one of the best bands we have ever seen in Tamworth. Sadly, this was like watching K-Tel plays DHSS. I have previously slagged off the computers, but compared to the limp noise that emerged from ‘real’ musical ‘ instruments, Atari ST’s have acquired a magical appeal. Oldies like ‘DHSS’ and especially ‘Vicar’s Hand’ were massacred beyond belief and no matter who wrote the songs (and the arguments were raging afterwards) pinching obvious Quay screams or Reeman guitar solos made it all a bit embarrassing. On the plus side the version of ‘Clark Gable’ was significantly tasty and the anthemic ‘Until The Love Bites Fade’ was quite excellent, but I really believe that the only way DHSS 90 stand a chance is to totally divorce themselves from DHSS 89. They will always be compared to the old combo – and I always fear unfavourably – and perhaps their best hopes lie in the one or two new Adam Cukrowski tracks that sound pretty good to my ears and show the way forward rather than they way back. This is a very hard review for em to write but I just left the gig feeling depressed. Imagine if you will how a Wolfsbane fan would feel if Bayley left the band and then 12 months later turned up with a new band playing ‘Fell out Of Heaven’ And ‘I Like It Hot’. It wouldn’t be the same because it isn’t the same’ This was the first time I have ever seen DHSS fail to get an encore and that speaks volumes itself. The band are keen to get out of Tamworth as soon as possible and maybe they will be more fairly judged then. But for the time being the whole thing made me feel sad and I really feel that Adam, Ed, Jessica, Andy and Martin need to assess whether they want to be a first rate band of their own or a second rate version of someone else. Sorry, but true.

Reviews by Sam Holliday

Tamworth Herald – 25/05/90
Musicbox – The indoor gig of the year
NIGHTMOVES stages a Bank Holiday bonanza on Monday when no less than eight bands combine for an all-day indoor festival.

Top groups such as Rhythm Damage, The Yogots and Banned in Yellow combine with several new acts in a special gig which is designed specifically to raise money for the Tamworth Rock Festival in July. As you know the outdoor festival needs every penny it can get to ensure it stays free to you the punter and so Monday’s multi-band extravaganza is one of the key fundraisers of the year.

For just £2 you will be able to taste a huge variety of different musical styles from indie-flavoured lasts, via traditional pop and rock to touches of AOR. It will exactly like the normal Tamworth Rock Festival except this one will have a roof over its head and drinks on tap!

There will be debut performances from the likes of Fat Moggy. Tamworth-returns for the likes of Naked Touch and The Magnets and a thrilling finale which features the quality of Banned in Yellow, Vindaloo Breakfast and The Yogots.

The whole day will be run very much like the outdoor festival. All the bands involved will have just 20 short snappy minutes to perform and with only ten minute breaks between the sets the music should be running smoothly throughout the session. And there is also the considerable advantage that if the festival runs a bit late we can keep going until midnightish so there could be solid musical entertainment for five long hours.

Musically you can expect a complete varied package as befits the Rock festival principal. It all begins at 7pm with the Birdland inspired FAT MOGGY a band of Atherstonians who promise to be wild, wacky and about as far away from music as it is possible to be. Expect chaos. Following on a 7.30 will be the all together calmer sounds of THE NAKED TOUCH who will be combining their show on Monday with a gig at the NEC for Telethon on the same day. It’s modern, stylish soul music and you should find it a restful relief after the hazards of the Moggy men. 8.00pm brings NEVER SAY DIE to our stages for one of their all too rare Tamworth shows. The guitar-wizzards with added OOOMMPPHH!!! Have long been servants of the Tamworth music scene and this will be an important gig for them. Swiftly following on at 8.30 will be another Tamworth legend in the shape of THE MAGNETS. Nothing needs to be said about this lot because frankly if you don’t know them you wouldn’t be reading this page anyway. 9.00pm brings to the stage one of the area’s best bands for many years, KING WODERICK AND THE YOGOTS. A band of immense power and character they have come on bundles in recent months and their 20 minute blast on Monday is certain to be one of the highlights of the whole night. At 9.30 VINDALOO BREAKFAST enjoy a high profile slot to play one of their biggest shows to date. The band are a distinctive and unique agit-pop lot who combine late 60s and late 70s influences is a set of grizzly smiles. At 10.00 we then welcome the all too wonderful BANNED IN YELLOW who have certainly began the 1990s with a very loud bang indeed. I am particularly looking forward to their many joys which will followed finally by RHYTHM DAMAGE who are the ideal closing act of a very mixed package. What can we say about the Damage men that hasn’t already been said about Eric Honeker? Nothing, just enjoy the anarchy.

That’s yer lot then, and what a package it is. Eight very different bands, five hours of music and all for a ridiculous £2. We must stress again that all the money raised on the night will go towards the very needy coffers of the Tamworth Rock festival so as well as having a truly enjoyable night you will also be helping keep the event on an even keel.

Don’t miss this gig. It’s Bank Holiday Monday there is practically nothing else to do so you have no excuses. Get along and enjoy yourselves enormously.

*All bands please note the comments at the bottom of the line-up.

Monday Line Up
Tamworth Indoor Rock Festival 1990
(Nightmoves, Monday 28th May, 6pm-12pm)
7.00 – The Fat Moggy
7.30 – The Naked Touch
8.00 – Never Say Die
8.30 – The Magnets
9.00 – King Woderick and The Yogots
9.30 – Vindaloo Breakfast
10.00 – Banned in Yellow
10.30 – Rhythm Damage

*All bands to report to Nightmoves at 4pm on Monday. Twenty minute sets with ten minute changeovers.

Tamworth Herald – 08/06/90
Musicbox – Those Festive fundraisers
HUNDREDS of pounds were raised last week by two special concerts to raise money for the Tamworth Rock festival.

The major event was the eight band show at Nightmoves which was a huge success and that was followed on Sunday by another good fundraiser at the Arts Centre.

We haven’t got space to do an in-depth report on both shows but using what I have heard and what I have seen here is a brief resume of what took place.

Friday, Monday began with Fat Moggy who delighted most of the audience with a show full of originality and wild abandon. Even Mike Fleming said they could potentially be a BIG cult band. The Naked Touch were apparently quite sedate and calms as were Never Say Die who boasted some fine guitar work. The Magnets weren’t too happy with their sound but it seemed OK to most people while the Yogots also came off stage with a frown despite one or two absolute gems including a relative newie which was good. Vindaloo Breakfast were mine and many people’s band of the night with a killer show of attacking guitars and punchy vocals that brought back happy echoes of 1977. Excellent. Banned in Yellow stunned my ‘oppo’ Sean Atkins but didn’t quite reach their Mean Fiddler heights in my opinion although ‘going Green’ was CRUCIAL. Finally, Rhythm Damage played a hugely popular set of anarchic pop which delighted most. Personally I thought they were far better at the Arts Centre on Sunday where they played what I regarded as their best set yet. Even technical hitches couldn’t ruin a set in which two songs – ‘Energise’ and ‘Taste the Rod’ were absolutely magical. Also at the Arts Centre, Flowers in the Attic showed that they have become a bit more sombre in recent months and have perhaps lost some of their angelic charms while Chemikill played with stunning precision and ear battering power with Bayley’s contribution adding sugar to the metal strawberries. End result, two successful nights and a lot of much needed DOSH.
Sam Holliday

Tamworth Herald – 27/07/90
Musicbox – Wolfsbane Party Night with Vindaloo Breakfast and Rhythm Damage
The Rathole, Thursday
Every so often you see a gig which makes you realise that music at its best is the most exciting thing you can do with your trousers on. This was such a gig. It was not widely publicised, it was not widely hyped and yet it attracted a big audience who were served up with what I can only describe as several hours of pure magic. Take note o’regular Musicbox readers – this gig was one of the classics of all time Tamworth shows and proved once and for all that Wolfsbane now have no peers. If Iron Maiden had seen this gig they would have thrown Wolfsbane off the support slot of their forthcoming tour for genuine fear of being blown to smithereens.

The facts…

Vindaloo Breakfast
Sadly I had to miss this show by my latest raves because I was trying on my best-man’s garb for the wedding of Musicbox deputy editor Martin Warrillow. However, I asked three people I respect to sum up the Brekkies and their view was unanimous: ‘They were excellent’ (Ed Armchair), ‘they played brilliantly’ (Rikk Quay) and ‘it was a wonderful set’ (Neil Marklew). All three seasoned voices in enthusiastic support proves what I have suspected for some time, that Vindaloo Breakfast are seriously happening. Catch them before its too late.

Rhythm Damage
Buoyed on by receiving the first copy of their debut single on the same day, Rhythm Damage coolly and stylishly slipped into playing their best set to date. It was fresh, alive and very noisy as a result of a sound system which ranks among the best I have ever heard. Facing hundreds of Howling mad Wolfheads (I think that’s what they call them!!!) the Vulgar Squad joined in a mutually abusing session and went on to show that they have finally got exactly the sound they want. ‘Energise’ was great, the boys looked great and even one or two Damage-doubters had to admit to being impressed afterwards. Luvverly.

OK, mark these words – this was the best set I have EVER seen a ‘local’ band play. I have seen many great Wolfie shows over the years, as well as spinetinglers by Catch 23, Dance Stance, Dream Factory, Spiral Eye, Breaking Point, Terroah, DHSS and more but nothing came anywhere near watching this magnificent 75 minutes or so. Wolfsbane were just out of this world, playing as if their lives depended upon it and [roving that as showmen and entertainers they have no equals at all. If there is a singer in rock n rollsville who is as sleazy, as funny AND as talented as Bayley well I have yet to hear him and Jeff, Steve and Jase are now so good with their weapons (ooh-err sounds a bit rude) that you would have to be deaf, stupid or brain dead not to disintegrate with pleasure at the sound. As well as being in a riotous and deliberately playful mood the band also managed not to put a single note wrong and sounded like it would be a physical impossibility to get any tighter. And the songs? Well the ‘oldies’ (all of 12 months some of them!) were as good as ever with my favourites this time being a dramatic version of ‘Shakin’ and a stunning rendition of ‘Pretty baby’ which brought tears to my eyes but the ‘newies’ were of equal power. If there had been any doubt about the Wolfmen it was that they wouldn’t be able to keep up their incredibly high standard of songwriting but this show blew that theory apart. ‘Tough As Steel’ could become an absolute rock-standard classic, ‘Totally nude’ is Totally Infectious, ‘Hey Babe’ is as cute as it’s title, ‘Cathy Wilson’ is amazing and the list just goes on. Throw in the usual Bayley stagemanshp, the brilliant relationship between band and loyal fan and the united spirited betwixt those four musicians and you have a stageshow par excellence. It was so good that I felt immensely proud to even come from the same Town as these boys, let alone to regard them as mates, and I just left the gig on such a high that the Wolfies jumped into my list of long-standing heroes along with Woody Allen, Brian Clough, Marlon Brando and The Meninblack. They possess Allen’s class, Clough’s arrogance, Brando’s style and the Stranglers dedication and they can count on my loyalty forever.

If you missed this show I’m sorry for you. If you witnessed it you will know that not one word I have said is over the top. Wolfsbane can be as big as Wolfsbane want to be. And when I say big, I mean BIG!!!

Sam Holliday

Tamworth Herald – 10/08/90
Musicbox – Gig bonanza!
Tamworth turns into a ‘four gig’ Town again this week with two contrasting Sunday night shows, a Wednesday night Chequers gig and then a remarkable six band local event on Thursday night.

The Rathole – Spiral Eye/The Yogots/Bash Out The Odd/ Vindaloo Breakfast/ Sherbert Trees/Shakespeare Monkeys

Spiral Eye/The Yogots/Bash Out The Odd/Vindaloo Breakfast/Sherbert Trees/Shakespeare Monkeys – The Rathole, Thursday
A hugely ambitious Thursday night project this one, but one which is certain to be a sell out success. Designed as a special bonanza-show the promoters believe is the strongest local line up (outside of the festival) witnessed in years and that would certainly take some arguing with. The real beauty of this show is the combination of the old established class acts Yogots/Bash Out The Odd and the Spirals) with three of the best up and coming bands to make for a line-up that should please the older scene-follower and the new young blood that has poured into Tamworth in recent months.

Not to much needs to be said about the three ‘star acts’ Spiral Eye and Bash Out The Odd were two of the best four bands at the Festival and they are bands that seem to get better and better all the time. The Yogots missed out on the Fest but made up for it with a killer show with the Senseless Things last week and the noise around them is quite deafening. Of the newer bands, Vindaloo Breakfast are the MUSICBOX hit of the year combining old-time power with new-time realism while the Sherbert Trees (in spite of a rather iffy Festival show) have all the charisma and style to be one of the foremost members of the new wave of Tamworth music. And the Shakespeare Monkeys? Promoter Gibbo takes up their story…’they played at their debut with confidence and self belief which generated great excitement. They are a creative band with lots of ‘unusual ideas’. A good combination of qualities that, and one which could help propel the band upwards and onwards. Six bands in all then and each one of them having their own following which should ensure that this is one of the best attended Tamworth gigs of the year. It’s a Thursday night, it’s a most reasonable £2.00 and it is pretty strictly timed with the first band on at 8 and the final act (Spiral Eye) hitting the stage at 11.30. Enjoy yourself.

Tamworth Herald – 17/08/90
Musicbox – It’s Three Cheers
THERE are three lovely gigs for local music fans to tuck their teeth into this week.

Wednesday Night – The Chequers, Hopwas
Vindaloo Breakfast/Sindy’s Sonic Garden

Wednesday – The Chequers, Hopwas – Vindaloo Breakfast/Sindy’s Sonic Garden
Hopwas hosts another top show on Wednesday as spikey-tops aplenty will head for the Chequers. Vindaloo Breakfast have emerged as serious championship contenders in recent months and their goal will clearly be to keep up their consistency of late. Sindy’s Sonic Garden are a newish one to me although they are not unfamiliar in Tamworth circles and are clearly regarded as ideal stablemates for the Breakfast Club. Starts 7.30, costs £1.50.

Tamworth Herald – 24/08/90
Musicbox – Fine bash from six of the best
Rathole Review
Shakespeare’s Monkey/Sherbert Trees/Bash Out The Odd/Vindaloo Breakfast/The Yogots/Spiral Eye – Thursday
Helluva night this. With a mighty six bands on offer it could easily have disintegrated into an over-long and under-satisfying parade of the undistinguishable but remarkably everything went delightfully smoothly. Six bands of kindred spirit (and surprisingly kindred sound) combined to provide a real barnstormer of a gig for a huge audience that was positively-spilling out of the door. The mini-festival nature of the gig was matched by the mini-festival size of the crowd and the major-festival attitude of all competing. It was well arranged, well staged and well pleasing and it’s epic finale (Spiral Eye at around 12.15am) there was still a huge amount of people there lapping up every one of Barry Fox’s blood-curdling screams. It all began some four hours earlier with Shakespeare’s Monkey. This was my first viewing of the Hamleteers and I came out of it feeling they are a very bright prospect indeed. They boast a very strange collection of influences – and a host of contrasting and occasionally conflicting directions – but wrap them all up in a sound that is overtly entertaining and surprisingly professional. A number of songs caught the eye (or should that be the ear?) but one of them stood out like a tank in a greenhouse – a little gem of a tune called (I think!) ‘You’re So Bizzare’. A fine way to start the night. Second on the bill was the Sherbert Trees who completely blew away their rather disappointing Festival show. They are certainly one of the most creative, unusual and deliberately uncomfortable bands in the area, resembling something like the early days of Spiral Eye/Thirteenth Reunion or a more psychedelic version of the Damage Boys. With keyboards doing their own thing, Ian Curtis vocals haunting every melody and guitars going off at wonderful tandems, it is a sound that isn’t to everyone’s taste but is not actually designed to so be. It got a little bit self-indulgent towards the end to be honest but such imaginative ideas should be encouraged rather than doubted. Bash Out The Odd bravely took to the stage next. I say bravely because all but two or three of the members of the band were missing through various reasons and it took a lot of guile for those remaining to not let down their many supporters on the night. As it was, the sparse sound actually helped in a way to show the sheer depth and strength of the band’s melodies and the sudden and unexpected appearance of the brass crew for the last number made for a rousing end to a generally uplifting 20 minutes or so. Vindaloo Breakfast hit the stage next and immediately – and angrily – stated their claim to be THE band of the night. There is a raw and uncompromising edge to the band’s sound these days and I love the way they attack their instruments as if they want blood out of them. The effect of that is to produce a sound packed with spirit and not inconsiderable venom – a sound today’s wishy washy pop world needs more than it knows. And so to The Yogots a band who clearly have local audiences eating out of their hands these days. They received their usual adoring reaction but in truth this wasn’t the best Yogots show I have seen. The band looked to be a little less buoyant and ‘good blokey’ than usual and that onstage lack of ‘fun’ reflected in their sound. In spite of that there were occasional glimpses as to what makes them so precious – a wicked version of ‘She’s Gone’ and an admirable ‘Mr. Rainbow’ for example – and if a band can be this good on an off-night one can only realise how GREAT they can be at other times. Spiral Eye concluded the night in real style. They play nowadays with the arrogance and commitment of a band who know they have got something special and want all the world to share in it. Musically they are getting more and more difficult to accurately define but I do suspect that they are moving a little more into the mainstream in their old age. Every song has it’s own fresh and original direction and best of all was a track which I think goes by the grandiose title of ‘4 x 12 Groove Machine’ which was simply gorgeous. It all climaxed with a quite stunning three-track encore which had people bouncing around with unashamed glee. It was a nice final sight to take back home with me and it is one that has stayed in my rather hung-over mind as I sit and bash this out the morning after. Few gigs get people dancing and fewer still get people dancing to all the groups on offer. This did exactly that and as such was a night to treasure.

Sam Holliday

Tamworth Herald – 28/09/90
Musicbox – Bash Out star in six-band bash
GIG OF the week in the area is the six-band bash at the Rathole on Thursday highlighting groups featured on the forthcoming Reptile Records LP.

The album, which also features Spiral Eye and The Yogots, was put together by The Rathole and Ian Gibbons’s Magic Rear Outfit.

Headlining the special preview night are the ever-improving Vindaloo Breakfast, whose brand of listenable hardcore noise is drawing increasing praise.

Apart from Bash Out The Odd, the rest of the bill is made up of non-Tamworth bands.

Peter Tuesday, Crystal Injection and The Big Trip, all hail from Lichfield, while guests, The Lost Forest are an up and coming Birmingham-based band.

Ian Gibbons, of Magic Ear said: “As the LP includes bands from all over the area, the idea was to play a number of gigs around the place with some of the out-of-town bands, introducing them to other audiences and other audiences to them.

Vindaloo Breakfast are strong contenders to established bands like Spiral Eye and The Yogots, so they got the headline slot. Bash Out The Odd are better than ever now, and at long last they seem to be delivering what everyone expected of them. It looks like being a really good night, I think people will be pleasantly surprised by what they see.”

The show runs from 7.30pm – 1.00am and admission is a mere £2.50.

This Sunday there is a two-band line-up at the Rathole featuring Beef and Born Blind. Times are 7.30pm-10.30pm and admission is £2.

Tamworth Herald – 14/12/90
Musicbox – What a week!
Tamworth’s music lovers are set for a real Christmas treat this week with no less than FOUR major concerts on offer.

Everyone from firm favourites like The Yogots and Rhythm Damage to the all-new Foundation and the revamped Scream Dream will be in action this week in easily the busiest week since the Festival.

In a nutshell here is what is happening, where and when…

Tamworth Arts Centre
The Foundation/Empire Falls plus Special Guests.
The Rathole
Scream Dream plus Guests

The Jolly Sailor
The Yogots/Crystal Injection/The Sherbert Trees/Fly on the Wall

The Rathole
Rhythm Damage/Catch 23/Emma Gibbs Loves Badges/Vindaloo Breakfast/Big Noise/Guilty Party/Sindy’s Sonic Garden

Here in a bit more detail is what you can expect to see on the various nights, so take your pick of the shows on offer and get your dancing boots on.

Thursday – The Rathole
Rhythm Damage/Vindaloo Breakfast/Catch 23/Guilty Party/Emma Gibbs Loves Badges/Big Noise/Sindy’s Sonic Garden
Some big names here on what should be a big night – with all proceeds going to the Rock Festival Fund. Catch 23 will be dropping in just to play three quick tracks from their new demo. Rhythm Damage will be cranking it up to ruin everyone’s Christmas and The Guilty Partner will be shooting down from Manchester to razzle , dazzle ‘em. In addition The Big Noise will be providing just that. Emma Gibbs will be laying on the sweet pop-tones and Sindy’s Sonic Garden will be planting some splendid blooms. Completing a hectic crazee line-up will be the lovely Vindaloo Breakfast who will blast their way to more undoubted glory on a night brimming with noise and quality. The actual line-up won’t be known until the night but all proceeds will go towards the Tamworth Rock festival fund.

Tamworth Herald – 28/12/90
Musicbox – Bags of smiles at festive shows
PRACTICALLY every local band worth is (or her) salt has been in action over the Festive period and here we try and catch up with two of the biggest shows on offer.

Vindaloo Breakfast – The Rathole
A cracking set from a cracking band. Vindaloo Breakfast have never disappointed me live and they certainly weren’t about to start in this Christmas Rathole feast. Hitting the stage with the now customary mixture of guitars, sneers and belligerence, they went on to produce an electrifying if rather short set which showed that 1991 could well be their year. A band who I adore because they have the same Strummeresque influences as I have but they have managed to adapt them to the 90s which I haven’t. Spiffing.
Sam Holliday

Cloud 10
Acid House Party (Groucott/Bone/Maddison/Mullett)  
Mr. XR3
Hole in the Head (Groucott/Bone/Maddison/Mullett)  
Springtime in the Garden (Groucott/Bone/Maddison/Mullett) Speed Disease (Groucott/Bone/Maddison/Mullett)  
You've Got What I Need (Groucott/Bone/Maddison/Mullett) Dog
Shot in the Park (Groucott/Bone/Maddison/Mullett)    
Other Songs:
Cover versions - Smash It Up and (gigged twice only) Suspect Device.

Generally opened with Holy Joe, as it was fairly fast and very furious and tended to close with Mr XR3 as people seemed to like it, and then a cover - usually Smash It Up. We recorded one demo, which included Mr XR3, Springtime in the Garden and Cloud 10.

First Gig:
Tamworth Arts Centre (October 1989)
Last Gig:
Black Horse, Birmingham (Late 1992)
Spiral Eye
Vindaloo Breakfast
Atom Seed
Tamworth Arts Centre
Other Gigs:
Loads at the Arts Centre of course. But also quite a few at Lincolns, Night Moves and around Birmingham, Stafford and Cannock.
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Title: Suitable for Vegetarians
Label: Octafish
Track List: Springtime in the Garden / Cloud 10 / Mr XR3.
Format: Demo
Enjoyed recording our demo, wish we'd done more but couldn't afford it! The picture on the cassette case was ripped off a tin of Sa*nsbury's vegetable curry (our bass player was vegetarian) and gave us the title for the tape, too. Severe lack of imagination there! Had 200 copies made up and blagged a space on Wolfsbane's stall at the festival to flog them. Bad idea, still had about 170 to shift at the end of the day!

Bands we DID like: Spiral Eye, Wolfsbane (not so much musically but as mates), Pondweed, Fetch Eddie, Conspiracy, Rhythm Damage. Bands we DIDN'T like: Platinum Hi and all of that ilk, 8 Ball Joe and all of that ilk, too!!

We loved gigging. And back then there were plenty of venues. We actually booked the Arts Centre a couple of times and put on our own shows with various support bands. The best thing was that you were guaranteed to get 300 through the door, and an even share of those were following all the bands on the set. In fact I can't ever recall a band getting booed off stage in Tamworth, but then most could play a bit. Our favourite gig would probably be when we won the Birmingham Polytechnic Battle of the Bands in 1991, plus those great hot and sweaty pre-festival events and fundraisers at the good old Arts Centre. The worst two gigs would be going down like a lead balloon with Wolfsbane's ‘partisan’ crowd at Lincolns when we opened for them and our second headliners spot at the outdoor Rock Festival becoming a nightmare. It didn't really suit our sound and I'm still cursing the monitors to this day! (excuses, excuses....!)

Great memories. We used to rehearse over at the Reptile House in Lichfield before bagging ourselves the Handicapped Nursery on the Leyfields at £6.00 for three hours every Thursday. We wrote most of our songs in there and even recorded our demo. The best times were the gigs, especially once we started getting pretty good at putting on a show. The worst part was realising near the end that we just weren't writing decent songs anymore and that our better days had gone. Still- I wouldn't swap those 3 years for anything and if I could go back and do it all again I bloody well would!!

The Gallery
Vindaloo Breakfast - 1990
Photograph courtesy: Rob Maddison
Line-up (Left to right): Daz Mullett, Chris Groucott, Rob Maddison, Boney.
Vindaloo Breakfast's first gig at Tamworth Arts Centre circa late '89 - (Chris Groucott).
Vindaloo Breakfast's first gig at Tamworth Arts Centre circa late '89 - (Chris Groucott).
Vindaloo Breakfast's first gig at Tamworth Arts Centre circa late '89 - (Rob Maddison).
Vindaloo Breakfast's first gig at Tamworth Arts Centre circa late '89 - (Rob Maddison).
Vindaloo Breakfast's first gig at Tamworth Arts Centre circa late '89 - (Boney).
Vindaloo Breakfast's first gig at Tamworth Arts Centre circa late '89 - (Boney).
Tamworth Herald Review (22/03/91)
Tamworth Herald Review (22/03/91)
Tamworth Herald Review (17/05/91)
Demo: Suitable for Vegetarians
Demo: Suitable for Vegetarians
Tamworth Herald Demo Review: Suitable for Vegetarians
Tamworth Herald Demo Review: Suitable for Vegetarians
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